Painting and drawing has been a central aspect of my art practice alongside the curating and organising of exhibitions, being a director of ASC gallery and the founder of Hat On Wall bar/Gallery in Clerkenwell, London (2000 – 2007).

Currently my work uses A3 paper, with the paper often applied to canvas.  The paintings like being sequences and sitting as groups. The paintings  dance with the moment and the idea of “now”and are physical in nature with folds and cut-outs. They focus on a non-linear memory of a journey and the sometimes mundane detail. Subjects are repeated and returned to and range from the film Contact, Yes and No, Apples and Lemons, the throwaway packaging of markets, swear words and broken pattern .

The painting project looking at “Contact” holds onto the re-watching of the film over and over again and how its nature changes as it sits in the memory.  This relationship with memory was also applied after walking the Gr11 path in the Spanish Pyrenees over 45 days and then making a body of 100 paintings.  This was exhibited as GR11 100 Paintings at ASC Gallery at Erlang House. The work  formed constellations which wrapped around a central installation made from weathered ply from old hoardings.  The paintings weren’t illustrations of the journey but were a journey in their own right.

Earlier works from the nineties used clothing on large scale canvases that were exhibited most notably in the Hartley Jam Factory show entitled BISK, with contemporaries Bob Smith and Richard Woods, as well as a solo show at Tokyo’s INAX Gallery.

This gave way to a period using spliced photographs as an equivalent to paint, a process which created a shimmering abstraction. These works now sit in a pre-digital age, the detail and over information hinted at our present. These works culminated in the show Wizz at the Conductors Hallway Gallery.

A later body of work was derived from bar drawings and doodles made at the Hat on Wall.  These doodlesque works contained  a mass of layered drawn detail, each layer denying the last. The  results each found its own unique resonance.

My painting practice sits alongside my curating and organising of projects.  I have put together over 50 projects at the ASC gallery since 2012 and have worked with a rich variety of contemporary artists. Exhibitions such as “Glut Data” 2017, “Burning with Joy” with Saelia Aparcio 2016, “Le Temps S’ecoute “about the late artist Peter de Francia and “Kits and Building Blocks “with Elly Thomas 2016.